Did Volkswagen defraud you? VW Owners are talking….

There are over 482,000 vehicles that have been affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Read below to see what VW owners all over the nation are saying.

VW Owners Comments


I am impressed. Your lawyers called me back immediately about my case. That has never happened to me before. Usually lawyers never return phone calls. Go kick some butt.

Brent S

Should I trade my car in now? I am embarrassed to drive it around town. My wife actually took a piece of black tape and covered the emblem that said TDI. She does not want anyone knowing we are now polluting the atmosphere. We both work in GREEN industries. Thanks for jumping on my case. I can relax a little now.

Charlie R

ANSWER TO CHARLIE: We understand your frustration and your anger. We will resolve this for you as quickly as possible in a manner that you will be satisfied. Please be patient. No one in the community is blaming you for Volkswagen’s fraud. If anything they empathize with you.

Please do some research on what the EPA allows and what it doesn’t. Yes the car is bad for the environment but before they go attacking VW they surely should be taking care of the EPA’s own problems. Also there are so many vehicles on the road, especially if they are over 20 years old, they get a free pass. Certain states, like Texas do not require Emissions testing. Large plants “roll coal” out their roof tops every day. To attack VW is only to gain the money that comes with attacking them but not solving the overall problem. Other countries do not hold to EPAs standards, even though we live on the same earth. It’s ludicrous. My husband is a 15 year mechanic and inspector, we live in Texas with our 2014 Jetta TDI, averages 55mpg.



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Mishala I

RESPONSE TO MISHALA: All states do not have vehicle testing requirements unless their cities and counties fail national EPA standards and are required to do so. Eventually all older cars that are big polluters will be off the road which will help. And, eventually other countries will rise to the same standards as the USA, if we continue to set the bar of high standards. I hear in your voice that you are passionate about your car. We hear that from many VW owners. But this is not about the general qualities of the car. It is about the fraud that VW perpetrated on VW owners and broken promises that the cars met EPA standards. VW owners might feel differently if this was a simple mistake, but it was not. It was intentional corporate fraud. Most VW diesel owners we talk with feel betrayed and only want what was promised to them. That is simple fairness and that is the justice they deserve. And, you deserve the same.

What happens if VW files bankruptcy? Where do I stand then?

Quincy R

RESPONSE TO QUINCY: VW Group profits are over $17 billion dollars annually. They are the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Their reputation is still intact and they will move forward from this with better corporate management to prevent frauds from happening again. They have initially set aside over $7 billion to handle this problem. While that amount may not be adequate they will adjust the amount as necessary to get this behind them. According to our experts, there is no fear of VW filing bankruptcy and no fear that they are not financially capable of getting through this rough patch.

I want to know if the EPA will fine me for driving my TDI Diesel?

Billie B

ANSWER TO BILLIE: No, the EPA will not fine you for driving your TDI Diesel car. You may safely drive the car pending any future declarations by the EPA.

What if I don’t want VW fixing my diesel car? I fear that my fuel economy and performance will drastically fall.

Henry W

ANSWER TO HENRY: Experts that we have working on these cases feel that it will be impossible to fix the cars without it dramatically affecting both fuel economy and performance. That is one reason why we feel each diesel owner should file their own individual lawsuit against VW to recover all their damages. Fixing the car will not give you the value of what you agreed to purchase or what you were promised when you bought the car.

What if VW offers me a deal I cannot refuse? I am still signing up with you, regardless, correct?

Frank L

ANSWER TO FRANK: The best advice we can give you is to talk to your individual lawyer before agreeing to any offer, even if the offer sounds good to you. We do not see any way that VW Group will voluntarily agree to pay you 100% of your suffered damages. If the deal sounds too good to be true, you will want to read all of the fine print. You may be asked to waive all of your past, present and future claims against VW Group and waive all of your claims for damages. That is not a good thing for you.

I am confused. I am being barraged by people who want me to let them handle my case. It appears that many are not lawyers. How can someone represent me if they are not lawyers? Please answer.

Anita B

Answer to Anita: Unfortunately there are many shady folks, both lawyers and non-lawyer trying to convince you to let them help you. Be wise. Consider only experienced law firms with a long term successful track record who is ethical and honest and has enough financial power to finance your case. We have been doing this for 37 years. We have dozens of lawyers licensed in over 20 states and associated lawyers in all 50 states. Our reputation for ethics and honestly is well-known nationally.

I have owned diesels for over 10 years and a Volkswagen diesel for 3 years. I love the performance of my Jetta TDI. But I am not going to agree to a reduction in my performance or fuel economy if Volkswagen tries to force a fix on me that affects those areas.

Sara B.

It is hard for me to believe this whole thing. I thought VW was a reputable company but now I have my doubts.

Chris M.

I heard that up to 11 million vehicles worldwide have the same problems as the almost 500,000 cars sold in the USA. This is a very serious problem and I sure hope VW does not try to short change the USA owners to favor the European owners.

Bradley S.

Thank you for providing the facts. I almost committed to be part of one of the many class actions being filed. But, now I see that’s NOT the way to go.

Ashley W

I’ll never get triple damages with a class action. I hope this is available in my state. I just hired your firm.

Marge A

I have heard many nightmare stories from people who were duped into joining a class action. I don’t want any part of a lawsuit that I don’t have input into.

Jose G.

I like how easy it was to start my case with your law firm. I have nothing but good things to say about your service.

Beatrice C

I signed up yesterday. Today I spoke with my brother who also owns one of the affected VW cars. He said he will sign up with you later today. Be on the lookout for his application.

Javier E